Lee Safran MFT | Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups
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Lee Safran Postpartum Prenatal ParentingThe decision to begin psychotherapy can be a life-altering one. I approach my work with individuals, couples and groups with this in mind. My style as a psychotherapist is interactive, respectful and supportive as I collaborate with clients to create lasting, positive changes in their lives and relationships.

My private therapy practice is in the East Bay (in Kensington bordering Berkeley) and includes a wide spectrum of clients and issues. Through my experience I have developed faith that individuals seeking to make changes in their lives can do so. I offer resources to help my clients:

  • Increase self-awareness and understanding
  • Create happier and more loving relationships
  • Transform depression and low self esteem
  • Decrease stress and anxiety; increase mindfulness
  • Improve parent/child relationships
  • Resolve recurrent issues which impact present fulfillment
  • Heal from childhood trauma
  • Grieve lost relationships as well as other losses
  • Experience personal and spiritual growth

I have a special interest in prenatal, postpartum and parenting issues and invite you to explore my website to discover more information and resources.