Lee Safran MFT | Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups
     1562 Oakview Ave., Kensington, CA 94706   (510) 496 6096


  • Individual and couples therapy (click here for areas of specialization)
  • Short term assessments for individuals and couples dealing with challenging transitions to parenthood, or planning another pregnancy after experiencing postpartum depression/anxiety.
  • Groups for women contending with postpartum stress which includes; depression, anxiety, overwhelm, intrusive thoughts/images, and sleep disturbances. (click here for group information)
  • Supervision and consultation, either on an ongoing basis or case specific, regarding perinatal mental health and early parenting.
  • Workshops, seminars, in-services and academic courses, including presentations on clinical challenges in perinatal health and biopsychosocial aspects of perinatal spectrum disorders. (click here for more information)