Lee Safran MFT | Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups
     1562 Oakview Ave., Kensington, CA 94706   (510) 496 6096

You can reach my East Bay California office at 510-496-6096. I will return your call as quickly as possible within a 24-hour period.

You may also reach me at my email address:

(Please note, I do not check my e-mail as frequently as my voice mail, so if you would like a quick reply, please leave me a message on my confidential voice mail. And, although I make every effort to safeguard the privacy of your email on my end, please be advised that email communications are not always private. If you are concerned, use my confidential voice mail instead.)

Office Address: 1562 Oakview Ave., Kensington, CA 94706 (entrance is through the driveway west of the Post Meridian restaurant.)

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